Schafherde in Bad Birnbach

Holzkapelle in der Lugenz

Holzkapelle im Lugenzwald






Im Rottal gehen selbst die Kühe in die Kirche

Fotos von Tieren im Rottal
Die Birnbacher Störche

7 Gedanken zu “Fotos

  1. thank you for the images…. We were in Wiesbaden in Spring 2013 (it was very cold). I will be exhibiting there in my gallery, Galerie B. Haasner, Sept 11 – Oct 17, 2015. The address is Saalgasse 38, 65183… hope you are able to visit! The name of the owner is Brigitte Haasner. Best Regards, Gabriel (in California)

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      • Dear Gabriel, it is so wonderful when virtual and real life merge together! Yesterday I visited 2 openings in the Saalgasse: one of the gallery Cerny and the other one of the gallery Haasner. I talked to Mrs Haasner – she is such a kind person! – and finally saw 2 of your pictures in original! (I did not see the third one because there were too much people and I had to go to the other gallery) It was so interesting to compare them with the online pictures. To see the structure of the canvas etc… Much more “real”. And I love the subjects that you treat – the modern world shown with a traditional technique. Mrs Haasner invited me to the next collective exhibition in the “Walkmühle” where you will be present with your pictures too. I will visit it in October. Thank you for informing me about your presence in Wiesbaden! Nadia


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